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The trip comes to an end!!

all seasons in one day 26 °C

5th June 2015

Last full day of our trip, spent the day in Athens looking at the Acropolis, Acropolis museum and other sites in the city. The rain followed us again this time as we were heading up the Acropolis a large thunderstorm started and then a huge downpour of rain. Like every other time on this trip we weren't prepared and didn't expect it, the forecast was sunny, and we got drenched!!! We had to buy umbrellas (again) and make our way back to the hotel. Caught the metro which was easy and once dried off and changed then headed back out again. By this time the sun was out and it was hot and sunny for the rest of the day.


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sunny 26 °C

3rd to 5th May 2015
A wonderful stop at Santorini, stayed at Cliff Side Suites in Firostefani which wss a beautiful place with unrestricted views. Everything is white, definitely need sunglasses on a sunny day.
We saw two great sunsets and enjoyed the towns. Visited the Archaeology site Akrotiriwhich was quite impressive and older than Pompeii which we saw recently. Also saw the Black beach which wasn't very impressive and the local winery.

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Amalfi Coast


28th May 2015
Early start for the Amalfi Coast tour.  Left Rome and stopped at Naples,  which wasn't that impressive,  then travelled to Pompeii.  It was a much larger site than we expected and very interesting.  We then travelled to Sorrento,  had dinner at the very nice hotel and then walked into explore the town. The walk was a challenge,  small roads with no footpaths.  Managed to catch the sunset on the way.

29th May 2015
We toured the Isle of Capri today,  our tour guide was very good and kept us in front of the 3 passenger ships that had turned up that morning!  We first went to the Blue Grotto,  a cave accessed by row boat and the water is illuminated by the sunlight, very beautiful and would've liked more time in there!  We then toured the rest of the island,  caught the chairlift to the top walked the village and gardens. Finished the day with dinner in Sorrento.

30th May 2015
Left Sorrento and travelled by bus to Amalfi.  What an experience,  not only was the scenery great the roads were so narrow that every time a car or bus came the other way they would miss each other by millimeters! Our hotel is high on the hill with amazing views.  We caught the shuttle to town, walked around Amalfi,  walked to Atrani and back then caught the ferry to Positano.

31st May 2015
Today we walked from Amalfi to a small village in the hills called Ravello. A very beautiful village with a couple of famous gardens, we visited Villa Rufolo garden which dates back to the 13th century. They have musical concerts there over summer with the sea as a backdrop. Caught the local bus back to Amalfi which was an experience, then took the bus to Maiori for a look.

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Florence and Rome

all seasons in one day

26th  May 2015
Left Monterosso for Florence to travel by train. We arrived at the Monterosso station and as usual here we carried our luggage through the underground tunnel and up the stairs to the platform where there was a lot of people travelling.  There was some confusion about the trains and everyone was asked to move from platform 3 to 1. Once we all moved to platform 1 the guard asked us all to move to platform 2!!! Our train finally arrived on platform 2 about 20 mins late but it was ok because the connecting trains worked out ok.
Arrived in  Florence at 1pm and headed out for a local walking tour,  we only got to the first point and it poured with rain,  we didn't expect this and left our umbrellas at tge hotel so we left the tour and had lunch until it cleared.  Spent the rest of the day walking the streets of Florence!

27th May 2015
Jessica' s Birthday,  happy birthday Jess☺🍰🎁🎂🎈🎈
Left Florence for Rome on the fast train.
Arrived in Rome and after checking into our hotel we walked Rome!  We walked to Trevi Fountain (which was under repair construction) Spanish Steps,  St Paul's Cathedral,  Ancient Ruins,  Coluseum etc. During the afternoon there was a thunderstorm and it poured,  we took shelter in a café and waited till it stopped.

Guess where we are!!!

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Italy - Monterosso Cinque Terre


overcast 20 °C

22nd May 2015
Left Wangan on a 6:15 flight to travel to Italy, long day of travel, 3 planes and 2 trains to get to Monterosso. Arrived at about 5pm and wondered around the town.  Very nice place,  we had dinner on the beach front and drank lemoncino's! Its the annual lemon festival tomorrow!


23rd May 2015
Today was the festival of lemons in Monterosso.  There were stalls and lemons all over the town, it was great to see.
We walked to Vernazza along the coast trail, great views and lots and lots of steps.  The town was smaller but had beautiful lanes and streets and a nice small bay for the fishing boats.  We then walked to Corniglia, the trail was again challenging with plenty of steps!  It started to rain once we arrived at the town so we had a quick look around the grabbed some lunch at a tradition pizza café.  Food was great.  Luckily for us that we were inside because it poured rain. As the weather was still wet we caught the train to Manarola, you needed plenty of time to get to Corniglia station to get down all the steps!!!
Manarola was another great place but due to the weather we caught the train to the next town Riomaggione were it cleared long enough to take plenty of photos ond look around.  Got back to Monterosso at about 6pm and had another wonderful dinner


24th May 2015
Great start with the sun shinning.
We caught the train to Corniglia and climbed the massive stairs to start the walk to Manarola.  The coast walk was closed so we took the high walk through Volastra. The walk topk us through vineyards fantastic views and heaps of steps.
From Manarola we again took the high walk to Riomaggiore.  Straight up and down the hill!!!


25th May 2015
Last day at Cinque Tere so e decided to take it easy, we spent most of the day at Monterosso and called to Vernazza for a look. Spent time on the beach and exploring Monterosso. A great sunny day and ended with a very nice dinner and lemoncinos!!!


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rain 10 °C

20th May 2015
Left Barcelona and caught two planes and a taxi to arrive at Wangen Germany. Bad news was that our luggage didn't make our destination with us! It was cold and wet so we had to buy umbrellas and a jacket each. We had a look through the town,  a very picturesque old town that had just celebrated it's 1200 years!! We stopped in to a traditional German restaurant for dinner,  we are here two nights.


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17 May 2015
Left Madrid and caught the fast train to Barcelona. The fast train traveled at 300km/hour!!!
Walked around the old district of Barcelona, saw Pala Guell and La Rumba. Had dinner in a wonderful area called Placa Reial. Barcelona won the Spanish cup today so the streets were blocked off and people were everywhere cheering.

18th May 2012
Busy day following Gaudi starting with Cassa Batllo which had amazing designs. We called into the Mercat market for something to eat and looked at the beautiful displays of food.
We caught the hop on hop off bus to Bacilica de la Sagrada Familia where we spent 3 hours looking around,  wow what an amazing place. We also went up one of the bell towers, for something that's not complete it's huge!
Caught the bus back to town and stopped at La Pedrera, another Gaudi designed building for apartment use. The roof had amazing roof chimneys and vents. Ended up spending another couple of hours there and havin dinner at about 8pm!

19th May 2012
Early start for Park Guell, we caught the underground which was pretty easy and got us there in about 10 minutes. The park was quite spectacular with the mosaic seats, walls and sculptures in the front section and the rough ancient style columns at the back. There was a lot to see and we were there for almost 4 hours.
Headed back to the city and luckily we saw all the outdoor places because it rained for the rest of the day! Still managed to get around with umbrelles.

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Tour of Spain

Southern Spain

12th may 2015

The tour picked us up from the hotel and we headed for Cordoba. Here we toured a Church that dated back 2000 years.  It had a huge history of different religions owning it and altering it. One time as a mosque it could hold 30000 people.
We had a chance after the tour to look around the town ourselves and wander around all the small streets and lanes which were amazing.
The bus picked us up and next stop was Saville. Arrived at about 4pm and it was 43 degrees!! Checked in and went for a walk before dinner,  we got a bit lost due to the small winding streets but found some interesting spots on our longer way back.

13 May 2015
We had on a city tour of Saville which included the exebition centre built for the world fair in 1929. We had a tour through the Royal palace which had a mix of Spanish and Arabic architecture.  The gardens were wonderful and were like a green oasis in a dry city. We then walked to the church,  3rd largest in the world and has a crypt for Christopher Columbus. It apparently took 100 years to build and had Spanish and Italian architecture.  We climbed to the top of the bell tower and got a great view of the city.  By this time it was hot, it had reached 47 degrees!!!!!
We had lunch in a cool café then walked back to the hotel through the old winding streets. Would have liked to walk some more but it was too hot!
Had a swim at the pool and saw a Flamingo dance concert.



14th May 2015
Left at 8am Saville and headed to Ronda. Ronda is a beautiful town with a long history of many occupants.  A guide took us through the town and we visited a bull fighting ring, the oldest in Spain. It was built in about 1730!
We had a bit of time in the town, then headed to the coast stopping at Puerto Banos where the rich and famous keep their boats!
We continued down the coast and stopped at Mijas, a very old town perched on the hills overlooking the sea. Very nice place to walk around. Stayed the night at Costa De Sol.

15th May 2015
Early morning run along the coast and had a dip in the Mediterranean Sea!  Travelled to Granada for a look and tour of the town and a show at night. Arrived in Granada about mid day, looked around town before taking a tour through Alhambra, a palace from the 14th century.  Wonderful architecture and detailed tiles all over the walls.  The gardens were wonderful too. Went to to see an authentic Flamingo dance that was held in a traditional gypsy cave in the Sacromonte district then a night city walk.

16th May 2015
Left Granada to travel back to Madrid, stopistoping at Toledo on the way. So much to see at Toledo.



Spent the night back in Madrid

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Melbourne to Spain

sunny 35 °C

Travel Melbourne to Spain!!!

Packing and ready to go!

11 may 2015
After a long flight,  14 hours to Dubai and 8 to Madrid we arived at the hotel. As it was about 3pm we took off and saw what we could in Madrid.  Headed off the wrong way which turned out good because we stumbled across the royal palace and ancient Egyptian monument in a park overlooking pert of Madrid.
We then walked through the old a part of the city which was very beautiful and reminded us of Rome and Paris! We had dinner in nice cafe we found in one of the many piazza's in the city.  We also had cooked mushrooms in a very small champignon café. 


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